316 stainless steel tapered flagpoles

A customer named Ahmed, the project manager for Sheraton Hotel in Saudi Arabia, contacted our factory to inquire about flagpoles. Ahmed needed a flag stand at the entrance of the hotel, and he wanted a flagpole made of strong anti-corrosion material. After listening to Ahmed’s requirements and considering the size of the installation site and wind speed, we recommended three 25-meter 316 stainless steel tapered flagpoles, all of which had built-in ropes.

Due to the height of the flagpoles, we recommended electric flagpoles. Just press the remote control button, the flag can be raised to the top automatically, and the time can be adjusted to match the local national anthem. This solved the problem of unstable speed when raising flags manually. Ahmed was pleased with our suggestion and decided to order the electric flagpoles from us.

The flagpole product is made of 316 stainless steel material, 25-meter height, 5mm thickness, and good wind resistance, which was suitable for the weather in Saudi Arabia. The flagpole was integrally formed with a built-in rope structure, which was not only beautiful but also prevented the rope from hitting the pole and making noise. The flagpole motor was an imported brand with a 360° rotating downwind ball on the top, ensuring that the flag would rotate with the wind and would not be entangled.

When the flagpoles were installed, Ahmed was impressed with their high quality and aesthetics. The electric flagpole was a great solution, and it made raising the flag an effortless and precise process. He was pleased with the built-in rope structure, which made the flagpole look even more elegant and solved the issue of flag wrapping around the pole. He commended our team for providing him with top-of-the-line flagpole products, and he expressed his gratitude for our excellent service.

In conclusion, our 316 stainless steel tapered flagpoles with built-in ropes and electric motors were the perfect solution for the entrance of the Sheraton Hotel in Saudi Arabia. The high-quality materials and careful manufacturing process ensured that the flagpoles were durable and long-lasting. We were pleased to have provided Ahmed with excellent service and products and looked forward to continuing our partnership with him and the Sheraton Hotel.

316 stainless steel tapered flagpoles

Post time: Jul-31-2023

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