parking locks

Our factory specializes in the export of parking locks, and one of our clients, Reineke, approached us with a request for 100 parking locks for the parking lot in their community. The customer hoped to install these parking locks to prevent random parking in the community.

We began by consulting with the customer to determine their requirements and budget. Through continuous discussion, we ensured that the size, color, material, and appearance of the parking lock and logo that fit perfectly with the overall style of the community. We made sure that the parking locks were attractive and appealing to the eye while being highly functional and practical.

The parking lock we recommended had a height of 45cm, 6V motor, and was equipped with an alarm sound. This made the parking lock easy to use and highly effective in preventing random parking in the community.

The customer was highly satisfied with our parking locks and appreciated the high-quality products that we provided. The parking locks were easy to install. Overall, we were pleased to work with Reineke and provide them with high-quality parking locks that met their needs and budget. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them in the future and providing them with innovative and reliable parking solutions.

parking locks

Post time: Jul-31-2023

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