carbon steel fixed bollards

One sunny day, a customer named James walked into our bollard store seeking advice on bollards for his latest project. James was in charge of building protection at Australian Woolworths   Chain Supermarket. The building was in a busy area, and the team wanted to install bollards outside the building to prevent accidental vehicle damage.

After hearing James’ requirements and budget, we recommended a yellow carbon steel fixed bollard that is practical and eye-catching at night. This type of bollard has a carbon steel material and can be produced according to customer requirements for height and diameter. The surface is sprayed with high-quality yellow, a relatively bright color that has a high warning effect and can be used outdoors for a long time without fading. The color is also very coordinated with the surrounding buildings, beautiful, and durable.

James was pleased with the bollards’ features and quality and decided to order them from us. We manufactured the bollards according to the customer’s specifications, including their height and diameter requirements, and delivered them to the site. The installation process was quick and easy, and the bollards fit perfectly outside the Woolworths building, providing excellent protection against vehicle collisions.

The bright yellow color of the bollards made them stand out, even at night, which added an extra layer of safety for the building. John was impressed with the final result and decided to order more bollards from us for other Woolworths branches. He was happy with the price and quality of our products and was keen to establish a long-term relationship with us.

In conclusion, our yellow carbon steel fixed bollards proved to be a practical and attractive solution for protecting the Woolworths building from accidental vehicle damage. The high-quality materials and careful manufacturing process ensured that the bollards were durable and long-lasting. We were pleased to have provided John with excellent service and products and looked forward to continuing our partnership with him and the Woolworths team.

carbon steel fixed bollards

Post time: Jul-31-2023

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