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We are a professional company, with own factory, specializes in producing high-quality road blocker that is reliable and uses high-quality components to ensure a long service life. The advanced intelligent control system enables remote control, automatic induction, and many other functions. The Kazakhstan Railway Company approached us with a request to prevent non-permitted vehicles from passing through during the reconstruction of the railway. However, the area was densely covered with underground pipelines and cables, the traditional deep-digging road blocker will affect the safety and stability of the surrounding pipelines.

We recommended a 500mm height and 3M length shallow buried road blocker for installation. In actual operation, this can not only ensure the stability of the pipeline, but also greatly improve efficiency, shorten the construction period, and reduce the impact on the surrounding environment. The road blocker was made of Q235 material, had a 500mm embedded height, a 3M length, and a 600mm rising height.

We provided installation manuals and other installation assistance, which helped the Kazakhstan Railway Company to install the road blocker successfully. The cooperation has won high praise and trust from the customer, and we have been recommended to other companies for our high-quality products and excellent service.

Overall, we were pleased to provide the Kazakhstan Railway Company with a road blocker that met their requirements. We were able to provide a safe and effective solution. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Kazakhstan Railway Company and providing them with innovative and reliable road blocker.

road blocker

Post time: Jul-31-2023

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