Tested vehicle weight: 6500KG

Car speed during test: 65KM/H

Various types of crash tests and test standards are influenced by different dimensional factors that have different effects based on speed, weight, and support structure. The probability of a vehicle penetrating a safety barrier increases with speed and weight. Some obstacles are designed primarily for high-speed vehicles, while others are designed to intercept low-speed vehicles. Usually, the barrier that can stop high-speed vehicles is also able to stop low-speed vehicles, but the post used to stop low-speed cars does not work for high-speed vehicles. Therefore, you need to clarify your main prevention objects before purchasing, and we will customize a bollard that is more suitable for you based on the information you provide.




Chengdu Ruisijie Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. with total assets of 3 million dollars. The company is located in Pengzhou zone Chengdu city, 60 kilometers away from Chengdu International Airport. It enjoys a good production and operation environment. We provide customers with overall road protection, car parking bollards, and flagpoles project solutions from product design, production, installation to after-sale. Our company support ONE-STOP Service and solutions for the installation, material selection, also maintenance recommendation.
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