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Chengdu Ruisijie Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. with total assets of 3 million dollars. The company is located in Pengzhou zone Chengdu city, 60 kilometers away from Chengdu International Airport. It enjoys a good production and operation environment. We provide customers with overall road protection, car parking bollards, and flagpoles project solutions from product design, production, installation to after-sale. Our company support ONE-STOP Service and solutions for the installation, material selection, also maintenance recommendation.
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customization process



Send us an inquiry or email.


Communicate with us the details of parameters, such as material, height, style, color, size, design, etc. We will provide you with a quotation plan based on your parameters and combined with the place where the product is used. We have already quoted for thousands of companies and produced Customized products.


You confirm the product and price, place an order and pay a deposit in advance.


We prepare the materials and carry out the manufacturing.


After the production of the product is completed, the quality test is carried out.


After the completion of the inspection, we will send you pictures and videos. After confirming that they are correct, you will pay the balance and the factory will package them and contact logistics for delivery


After receiving the goods, be responsible for guiding the installation and use of the product.
inquiry for pricelist

inquiry for pricelist

For inquiries about our products orpricelist , please leave your email tous and we will be in touch within 24hours

project cases

  • stainless steel bollards

    stainless steel bollards

    Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Dubai, a customer approached our website looking for a solution to secure the perimeter of a new commercial building. They were looking for a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution that would protect the building from vehicles while still allowing pedestrian access. As a leading manufacturer of bollards, we recommended our stainless steel bollards to the customer. The customer was impressed by the quality of our products and the fact that our bollards were used in the UAE Museum. They appreciated the high anti-collision performance of our bollards and the fact that they were customized to suit their needs. After careful consultation with the customer, we suggested the appropriate size and design of the bollards based on the local terrain. We then produced and installed the bollards, ensuring they were securely anchored in place. The customer was pleased with the end result. Our bollards not only provided a barrier against vehicles, but they also added an attractive decorative element to the building's exterior. The bollards were able to withstand harsh weather conditions and maintained their beautiful appearance for years to come. The success of this project helped establish our reputation as a leading manufacturer of high-quality bollards in the region. Customers appreciated our attention to detail and willingness to work closely with them to find the perfect solution for their needs. Our stainless steel bollards continued to be a popular choice for customers looking for a durable and aesthetically pleasing way to protect their buildings and pedestrians.
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  • carbon steel fixed bollards

    carbon steel fixed bollards

    One sunny day, a customer named James walked into our bollard store seeking advice on bollards for his latest project. James was in charge of building protection at Australian Woolworths Chain Supermarket. The building was in a busy area, and the team wanted to install bollards outside the building to prevent accidental vehicle damage. After hearing James’ requirements and budget, we recommended a yellow carbon steel fixed bollard that is practical and eye-catching at night. This type of bollard has a carbon steel material and can be produced according to customer requirements for height and diameter. The surface is sprayed with high-quality yellow, a relatively bright color that has a high warning effect and can be used outdoors for a long time without fading. The color is also very coordinated with the surrounding buildings, beautiful, and durable. James was pleased with the bollards' features and quality and decided to order them from us. We manufactured the bollards according to the customer's specifications, including their height and diameter requirements, and delivered them to the site. The installation process was quick and easy, and the bollards fit perfectly outside the Woolworths building, providing excellent protection against vehicle collisions. The bright yellow color of the bollards made them stand out, even at night, which added an extra layer of safety for the building. John was impressed with the final result and decided to order more bollards from us for other Woolworths branches. He was happy with the price and quality of our products and was keen to establish a long-term relationship with us. In conclusion, our yellow carbon steel fixed bollards proved to be a practical and attractive solution for protecting the Woolworths building from accidental vehicle damage. The high-quality materials and careful manufacturing process ensured that the bollards were durable and long-lasting. We were pleased to have provided John with excellent service and products and looked forward to continuing our partnership with him and the Woolworths team.
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  • 316 stainless steel tapered flagpoles

    316 stainless steel tapered flagpoles

    A customer named Ahmed, the project manager for Sheraton Hotel in Saudi Arabia, contacted our factory to inquire about flagpoles. Ahmed needed a flag stand at the entrance of the hotel, and he wanted a flagpole made of strong anti-corrosion material. After listening to Ahmed's requirements and considering the size of the installation site and wind speed, we recommended three 25-meter 316 stainless steel tapered flagpoles, all of which had built-in ropes. Due to the height of the flagpoles, we recommended electric flagpoles. Just press the remote control button, the flag can be raised to the top automatically, and the time can be adjusted to match the local national anthem. This solved the problem of unstable speed when raising flags manually. Ahmed was pleased with our suggestion and decided to order the electric flagpoles from us. The flagpole product is made of 316 stainless steel material, 25-meter height, 5mm thickness, and good wind resistance, which was suitable for the weather in Saudi Arabia. The flagpole was integrally formed with a built-in rope structure, which was not only beautiful but also prevented the rope from hitting the pole and making noise. The flagpole motor was an imported brand with a 360° rotating downwind ball on the top, ensuring that the flag would rotate with the wind and would not be entangled. When the flagpoles were installed, Ahmed was impressed with their high quality and aesthetics. The electric flagpole was a great solution, and it made raising the flag an effortless and precise process. He was pleased with the built-in rope structure, which made the flagpole look even more elegant and solved the issue of flag wrapping around the pole. He commended our team for providing him with top-of-the-line flagpole products, and he expressed his gratitude for our excellent service. In conclusion, our 316 stainless steel tapered flagpoles with built-in ropes and electric motors were the perfect solution for the entrance of the Sheraton Hotel in Saudi Arabia. The high-quality materials and careful manufacturing process ensured that the flagpoles were durable and long-lasting. We were pleased to have provided Ahmed with excellent service and products and looked forward to continuing our partnership with him and the Sheraton Hotel.
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  • automatic bollards

    automatic bollards

    One of our customers, a hotel owner, approached us with a request to install automatic bollards outside his hotel to prevent the entry of non-permitted vehicles. We, as a factory with rich experience in producing automatic bollards, we were happy to provide our consultation and expertise. After discussing the customer's requirements and budget, we recommended automatic bollard with a height of 600mm, diameter of 219mm, and thickness of 6mm. This model is very universally applicable and suitable for the customer's needs. The product is made of 304 stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion and durable. The bollard also has 3M yellow reflective tape that is bright and has a high warning effect, making it easy to see in low-light conditions. The customer was pleased with the quality and price of our automatic bollard and decided to purchase several for his other chain hotels. We provided the customer with installation instructions and made sure that the bollards were installed correctly. The automatic bollard proved to be very effective in preventing non-permitted vehicles from entering the hotel's premises, and the customer was very satisfied with the results. The customer also expressed his desire for a long-term cooperation with our factory. Overall, we were happy to provide our expertise and quality products to meet the customer's needs, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with the customer in the future.
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  • parking locks

    parking locks

    Our factory specializes in the export of parking locks, and one of our clients, Reineke, approached us with a request for 100 parking locks for the parking lot in their community. The customer hoped to install these parking locks to prevent random parking in the community. We began by consulting with the customer to determine their requirements and budget. Through continuous discussion, we ensured that the size, color, material, and appearance of the parking lock and logo that fit perfectly with the overall style of the community. We made sure that the parking locks were attractive and appealing to the eye while being highly functional and practical. The parking lock we recommended had a height of 45cm, 6V motor, and was equipped with an alarm sound. This made the parking lock easy to use and highly effective in preventing random parking in the community. The customer was highly satisfied with our parking locks and appreciated the high-quality products that we provided. The parking locks were easy to install. Overall, we were pleased to work with Reineke and provide them with high-quality parking locks that met their needs and budget. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them in the future and providing them with innovative and reliable parking solutions.
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  • road blocker

    road blocker

    We are a professional company, with own factory, specializes in producing high-quality road blocker that is reliable and uses high-quality components to ensure a long service life. The advanced intelligent control system enables remote control, automatic induction, and many other functions. The Kazakhstan Railway Company approached us with a request to prevent non-permitted vehicles from passing through during the reconstruction of the railway. However, the area was densely covered with underground pipelines and cables, the traditional deep-digging road blocker will affect the safety and stability of the surrounding pipelines.
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industry news

  • Portable telescopic bollards popular in cities around the world 24 2024/04

    Portable telescopic bollards popular in cities around the world

    In today’s fast-paced urban life, traffic management and road construction safety are crucial. In order to effectively manage traffic flow and ensure the safety of construction sites, portable telescopic bollards have become an indispensable piece of equipment in many cities. The portable telescopic bollard is a flexible and convenient device that is often used to set up temporary traffic isolation or warning functions. This kind of equipment is used all over the world, especially in so...
  • Expansion screws: indispensable to ensure the stable fixation of bollards 24 2024/04

    Expansion screws: indispensable to ensure the stable fixation of bollards

    In the fields of construction, engineering and renovation, bollards are widely used to support and secure structures to ensure safety and stability. Expansion screws are one of the key elements to ensure that these bollards are securely fixed. In this article we will look at the importance of expansion screws in fixing bollards and how indispensable they are in the construction and engineering fields. Ensure structural stability As an important part of structural support, bollards’ stab...
  • Discover convenient parking: an introduction to the octagonal parking lock 24 2024/04

    Discover convenient parking: an introduction to the octagonal parking lock

    In today’s difficult urban parking situation, manual octagonal parking locks have become a savior for many car owners. This article will introduce the functions, advantages and application of manual octagonal parking locks in parking management. Functions and featuresThe manual octagonal parking lock is a simple and practical parking device with the following functions and features: Manual operation: The car owner can easily raise or lower the parking lock through manual operation to fa...

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